Lymetips is about sharing things  I’ve learned from my struggles with lyme. I got the full meal deal when it comes to this disease – several strains of lyme, several coinfections, several viruses, severe candida, etc., etc., so whatever you’ve faced I’ve probably faced it too. At one point, I asked my doctor if I was dying. All she said was, ‘I’m not sure.’ As you probably guessed, I didn’t die, and while I’m not fully recovered yet, I’m waayyyy better than I was.


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  1. I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident but am very happy that I did. I enjoy your style of writing and of course feel a connection as I read about your experiences. I was Dx with Bartonella in December of 2014 but was oddly negative for Lyme. After 10 months of Bart treatment, I retested and then hit positive for Lyme. I’m sure there are at least one or two more hidden gifts left in me by the elusive tick I never saw. They’ll surface in due time. Please keep writing……you have a fan!


  2. Would love to know where you purchased your rife machine. I’ve been seeing a local chiropractor but would like to be more in charge of my own care and control my symptoms as he is new to lyme issues and I’m not sure he is using the correct frequencies,etc.Thanks a bunch for your help and for sharing your journey. Also, if I could be so bold, who helps you with your muscle testing. My parents are very good at it but my husband is resistive to helping. Seems too “new agie”. Keep writing..always nice to see when others are making progress!


    1. Thanks for your response. I was given my rife machine by a friend. She bought it from a guy in Pa. named John Stolar, who is no longer in the business. For muscle testing, I’ve done several things – first a practitioner who did skin response testing with a VEGA machine, then a very experienced acupuncturist, and now I do my own with something called a dynanometer. I got this idea from Dave Asprey on one of his Bulletproof radio podcasts. I’m not recommending you do or not do this because it’s caused some issues with pain in my wrists and hands, though nothing serious. Anyway, it’s basically a small gadget that you squeeze and it gives you a reading of how strong the squeeze was. So first I do three tests squeezes and take the average number. Then I hold the substances I want to test one by one next to my body in one hand and squeeze with the other. If the result is 1 kg of pressure more or 1 kg of pressure less than the average of the test squeezes I consider it indeterminate. If the result is higher than 1 kg above the average I consider a positive, as it appears this substance has made me a bit stronger. If the result is lower than 1 kg below average I consider it a negative as it appears the substance has made me a bit weaker. This system is not foolproof, but it has been as effective as the VEGA and my acupuncturist, perhaps moreso.


      1. Thanks so much for your response. Any tips on where I can purchase a reputable rife doug coil machine? Don’t even know where to start. So glad you are making progress. I have recently had 2 more tick bites and am going to begin a course of antibiotics. I’m not sure this is the right path but my PA is advising because of my history.Thanks again and God bless you for sharing your journey.


      2. I think the best way to find a good coil machine is to join some Rife Facebook groups and ask there. I belong to six groups – Doug Coil friends, Rifing Lyme Disease, Rife Machines and Lyme disease, Lyme Disease Rifers, Rifing Lyme and Original Rife Machine Group. Good luck with your treatment!


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