Healing Lyme God’s Way

Imagine what it would be like if most Christians placed their main focus on Christ every day and not just at Christmas?

I think it’s a very important question, particularly if you are a Christian with Lyme Disease.

I don’t know about you, but when I first got sick with Lyme, my focus was squarely on me. I felt far worse than I’d ever felt before, I was scared, and I was running around from doctor to doctor to try to find someone to save me.

When you know in your gut that something is seriously wrong with your health, you tend to put your own needs in front of others. It’s a crisis, and you feel God will understand your selfishness.

This is what I thought, and it took me nearly a year to even start shifting my main focus away from doctors and treatments to prayer and looking to God for answers.

During this 10 month or so period, all the running around didn’t do anything but dig a deep hole that took me a long time to dig out of.

Now, what if I’d focused more on God from the day I got sick?

I’m not saying I shouldn’t have sought medical attention. Doing that was clearly appropriate. But the problem was a matter of focus. What was I placing my faith in and Who was I not placing my faith in?

What if I’d spent a lot more time praying and asking others to pray for me? What if I’d sought out healing prayer? What if I’d put my primary focus on God?

In most healing stories you read about in the Bible faith plays the major role. In Luke 17:19 (Amplified Bible), Jesus says this to a man he has just healed of leprosy. “Your faith (your personal trust in me and your confidence in God’s power) has restored you to health.”

So I ask myself, in those early days of Lyme, was I showing personal trust in Jesus and confidence in God’s power? Or was I immersed in a panic?

And what if I had decided not to be a bit selfish? My thinking went something like this. I have a wife and a small child and I need to get better for both my family’s sake and my own sake. So, in this case, I felt justified in the times I put my needs ahead of others.

But doesn’t the Bible stress putting others first? Does it say anything about that approach being suspended when you’re sick?

No, what the Bible says in Matthew 6:33 (NIV) is “Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” To paraphrase, Jesus is saying put me first in all circumstances and you will be rewarded for it.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Lyme is a very serious disease and it requires placing a substantial portion of your overall focus on treatment. But that doesn’t require moving your primary focus away from God.

Focusing on God and placing complete trust and confidence in Him was the key to healing in New Testament days. Is it any different today?

Photo: Eric Davidson

5 thoughts on “Healing Lyme God’s Way”

  1. What a true blessing this article is! I was diagnosed with Lyme disease more than 30 years after being infected. My life was one of seeking help for my health. I too, came to the same place of resting in the Lord and repenting of my trusting or seeking help for physical cure more than trusting God’s sovereignty and seeking His will (first). My soul has been restored by Christ and my health is the back drop now. I am weak and He is strong. That is true for all of us. Lyme or no Lyme. There is much more to learn about our purpose. We were created to worship the Lord with our lives no matter what condition we are in, He is worthy and He is good. He loves us and we can and should worship Him in any form of suffering. This life is very short and there is joy THROUGH the pain. There really is!!! I am laying in bed now just resting in the arms of His grace. I am weak and tired and filled with joy! He is the focus. He is God. He does provide relief and grace even if not in the same way I was seeking. I have let go of the dogged determination to be perfectly healthy. I have been made perfectly whole! He has given me rest in my soul. If I had any advice to give, it would be to say trust the Lord. He knows what He is doing. He has your best interest in heart and gave His life for you so your sons could be forgiven. God raised Jesus from the dead and you can be resurrected too. The Bible says that all who call on the name of the Lord will not perish but have everlasting life.! Be saved! Call on Jesus, believing God raised Him from the dead. Confess Jesus is Lird! Outloud! Right now! He loves us and cares for all of us. The prayers offered in faith are effective!! Each and every day He helps me! He will help you too. May the Lord be glorified! Abba Daddy God !! TY for writing this article! Excellent The Lord bless you.


    1. I got “diagnosed” also. Got a bunch of supplements and continuing to accept how I feel and trusting God. Can we be in touch through messenger? Suzette Jones Hill.


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